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Hot Stone Reflexology

This therapy involves hot stones being applied to the feet and lower legs during a Reflexology treatment. The combination of Reflexology and the heat of the hot stones really does take relaxation to another level.
Hot Stone massage originated in India and China and has been around for centuries; ancient civilizations believed that hot stones cleansed the body and relaxed the heart, grounding the soul and soothing the mind. As the name implies, the treatment involves using smooth balsalt stones. The subtle energies of the stones introduced into a treatment calm the senses, relax muscle tension and promote a meditative state. The stones are heated and are used to massage the lower leg and to carry out the reflexology. The heat from the stones penetrates to a deeper level and may reach up to 7-8cms into the superficial layer of muscle; bringing about physiological changes as well as influencing the body's internal energy flow (chi) therefore bringing balance to both body and mind. Hot stones have been shown to lower cortisol levels and help to support the parasympathetic nervous system to help the body reverse the stress reaction. Reflexology and hot stones are a perfect way to nurture our bodies.

Hot Stone Reflexology 60mins £42.00 - includes consultation

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