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Ayurvedic Warm Oil Reflexology

£40.00 - 70 minute treatment which includes consultation.

This treatment is extremely relaxing and brings all the benefits of traditional reflexology as well as incorporating warm tridoshic oil, a kasa bowl and the Ayurvedic principles and techniques. The aim of this therapy is to detoxify, restore balance and bring harmony to the mind, body and soul. During the therapy warm tridoshic oil is applied to the feet, lower legs and knees. Reflexes and Marma points are worked to restore energy within the body. Marma points are vital energy points from the Āyurvedic tradition said to be infused with prana (life force energy) and connected to very fine energy channels throughout the body known as meridian lines. A small bronze bowl known as a Kasa Bowl in Ayuvedic tradition is used to massage the feet, lower legs and knees in order to remove toxins from the body again to enhance wellbeing and restore balance within the mind. body and soul.

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