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Ayuvedic Face Massage

The Glow

90mins - £55.00

This wonderfully relaxing treatment starts with a hot stone massage to the back, neck and shoulders and the back of legs and feet. Feel the tension of the day melt away as the heat from the stones takes your relaxation to another level. I then carry out an Ayurvedic Facial Massage using warm herb infused tridoshic oil. Tridoshic means helping to rebalance whichever dosha is in excess. The doshas, vāta, pitta and kapha are patterns in the Ayurvedic tradition used to describe a person’s constitution in terms of physical, emotional and mental characteristics. Finally the face is gently massaged using the oil and a bronze kasa wand, Traditionally, kasa wands are used in Ayurvedic massage to help remove excess heat and toxins and to reinforce the beneficial effects of massage strokes and marma work.. You will be glowing from head to toe after The Glow Therapy.

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